Friday, September 4, 2009

17 weeks...

As promised, I will start posting belly pictures...
My computer is broken but working well enough to at least do that.
Anybody want to buy this girl a new computer? (JOKE!!)
Here is a picture I took in secret when I first found out I was pregnant.I didn't tell Dave for 2 weeks so I could surprise him for father's day.

5 weeks C was the size of an apple seed.

17 weeks: baby Benby is the size of an onion.
We had an ultrasound yesterday but the little booger did not want us to know if we are having a son our a daughter so we must continue to wait.

This fun picture is from a week ago after the football scrimmage.
Yes, that is sweat. It was almost 100 degrees. Ritha was handing me a continuous stream of water bottles and we hung out in the bathroom a lot dousing ourselves with water.

My mom and dad are in town changing my life through projects at the house to prepare for the baby. More pictures to come when my kitchen isn't torn to pieces.

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