Monday, April 19, 2010

What a month!

Here is Ashby. She isnt sure how she feels about the car these days.
It depends on how much milk is in her belly and how long she has been riding.
These are pictures from the Tulip Festival in Mt. Vernon. Literally fields and fields of tulips. So Beautiful.

Dave thought the tulip festival was going to be lame. He was picturing a farmers market and people dressed up like tulips dancing around like hippies. I'll be honest I would have loved that too...
One of her cute little outfits...
She is getting much more alert. I mean..I could just eat this little face! i kinda do all day.
Caught the smile.. snuggle time. Love my double chin..but hey. I had a baby 6 weeks before that picture so hey!
Gigi buys her lots of cute outfits. And she has lots and lots of pink.  
We hosted Easter at our house this year. Here are the dad's and 9 months worth of daughters. Ella (9 months) and Todd. Dave and our little bunny.  Tim ans Audrey (4 months). The Henderson children have been busy.
Hangin out with Pops. Weve been able to a see my parents every week.
We have been walking a lot. This is Ashby's walking outfit. Nice and cozy.
She is starting to hold her head up really well. It is so cute. She gets so excited and raises her eyebrows to show how hard she is concentrating.
Kuma finally came home. He is very protective of his little sister. This morning he was licking her feet while she had breakfast. It kept her awake to keep eating.
Taking walks is my new fitness routine. Its a good workout with a baby in the Bjorn.
My two loves... I call them the twins. Ashby is finally growing some hair on the top of her head.
At the park on Sunday. It was so warm..for Seattle. I think we reached 70!
Dave and Luke decided to jump off the dock right by our house. Our house is right on the other side of the bridge in the background. The day was warm but the water was still very very cold.
They are crazy! Football coaches...

So that is what is happening here. Moved into the house. Settling in. Lots going on and so little time to blog.

p.s. this was for you Kate.