Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Dodger Fans

So it has been in the 90's this weekend. Perfect timing to go to a baseball game in the reserve section (ie the nose bleeds) at 1 in the afternoon on Sunday for Coba's birthday. It was hot and we drank a lot of water. And guess what? They sell veggie dogs at Dodger Stadium.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Today we went hiking in Malibu. It was surreal to drive 30 minutes from our house and be in the middle of the mountains hiking along a stream. It was nice that it was almost 90 degrees and we could hike in our bathing suits. Dave let me know this morning that this year there is an unusually high number of rattle snakes in Malibu canyon. Perfect. We hiked up to this stream and pool with sandwiches and fruit salad. Kate and I swam (or rather stood neck high in freezing cold water... not the 90 degree weather didn't make it OK) while Dave and Duron hiked around and jumped off rocks. They tried to convince us to swim across the water to the big jumping rock but we were freezing. I think Duron realized how cold it really was when he had to swim back across after sitting on the rock for a half hour watching these crazy guys jump off a 40 foot cliff. Dave jumped in and swam back while Duron scaled the rock walls around to the path barefoot. He has size 14 feet so they looked a little more like paddles than shoes (ha ha that's for you Kate and D :). So we made it safe without any rattler encounters, but we saw a lot of lizards, bugs, heard some bullfrogs, and a little gofer peeked out of his hole and tried to make friends with us. Afterward our hike and swim we treated ourselves to some ice cream. First time I had any since I went vegan. I only made it through half a scoop before my tummy said "that is all thank you!" Now we are home and have all of the doors open and the fan on. Sounds like a good night for some tacos and coronas. I think my house might combust if I turned on the stove...

Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Happy earth day everybody. I love this day. So does Dave. I will be in class tonight for grad school but hopefully he gets to watch a cool national geographic special on TV tonight. In 1961 the world wildlife fund was created to help save endangered panda bears from disappearing. Since then they have collaborated to help save hundreds more animals in peril. So basically we love animals and earth day. There are lots of ways you can help the planet without moving to Borneo to research dying plant species: You can shop local produce at a farmers market (plus it tastes better and less fuel goes into producing it because it doesn't have to be flown in from Chile). You can make sure you purchase sustainable seafood (wild caught and it is even labeled sustainable harvest). You can recycle and carry a reusable water bottle instead of using plastic bottled water (way cheaper too!) I speak for Dave and I when I say that we believe the Kingdom of Heaven extends to us from God, but also from us to the planet, to our social networks, to our personal relationships with everything in God's creation. It says in Romans 8:22 "For we know that all creation has been groaning as in the pains of childbirth right up to the present time." So that includes earth day. Hey, Christians can and should be earth loving, tree hugging hippies! That's our stance anyway. So love Jesus by taking care of his planet and treading lightly. Not just on a day that is made to remind us of God's beautiful creation... (PS. this picture is the free walpaper from WWF.org! Give them the credit for my favorite animal)

Thursday, April 17, 2008


WE did it. WE both passed our CSET (California Subject Examination for Teachers) tests. Those of you not living in CA or not running in the teacher circles, this is a big deal. Dave passed all 3 PE sub tests, and Lizzy passed all 3 health tests. That means we are a few steps closer to being credentialed teachers with PAID days off, year round pay checks, health insurance (don't worry we still have insurance, it just doesn't come with the job) and retirement. YEAH! Here is the sneaky thing, we didn't study. Well, that is not entirely true. Dave did two and a half years ago and Lizzy likes to read nutrition books for fun, so that kinda counts as studying. kinda...

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Napa Valley

a picture is worth a thousand words.... happy anniversary to us!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

2 years

April 15 will be our two year anniversary. 3 1/2 years together: 2 years as Mr and Mrs. I am writing for myself today (Lizzy) although I think Dave would agree with what I have to say. Its funny that two years ago we thought that we were ready to get married. Not that we weren't, but we really had no idea what we were doing. We just knew that we loved each other, or thought we knew that we did, and said "hey lets get married." Some people date for a really long time, or know each other their whole lives, but not us. Actually, we've know each other since 2001, but we didn't spend much time together until we were dating. So in three and a half years what have I learned? Looking back on our wedding day I realize how glad I am that God got us to that point. I'm glad that we walked down the aisle and said for "better or for worse" because it has been better, and it has been worse. I thought I knew him, but what I know now is oh so much better than what I knew then. I thought I felt the deepest love but that seems like junior high stuff compared to what I feel now (and I cannot even imagine what that will feel like in 25 years). We said our vows on April 15 2006, but every day has been another I do since then. I do choose to love you even though I would really rather go do my own thing and not be bothered. I do choose to invite you to be a part of all of the parts of my life, not just the pretty sparkly ones that make me feel good. I do choose to keep telling you my truth even when it hurts, annoys me, is embarrassing, I've said it 20 times already, or you just plain are not listening. I figured out that marriage reminds me of a mirror. Only its one of those magnifying mirrors that shows you all the stuff you would really rather only look at from a distance with candlelight. That is the best part to me; that God put us together because we could only be the best versions of ourselves if we were together. Dave is my frame of reference for myself, and vice versa. That is pretty much the greatest thing ever. I love love love you babuh. More than the sky.

PS. Dave is taking me out of town for our anniversary. He planned the whole thing, and didn't even give up the secret. Big props for the hubs!

Monday, April 7, 2008

Semper Fidelis

Our friend Joe got back from Iraq last week. We haven't seen him since August. He is a Marine helicopter technician and the father of our beautiful god-daughter Tiegan. We spent the weekend in San Diego for the coaches couples weekend for FCA. It was great to spend time with other people who know what it is like to run around like a chicken with your head cut off 90% of the time. And sleep in a really nice hotel room with no bills to look at, no laundry to do, no dishes to wash, nothing. Not to mention a two hour nap at 2 in the afternoon on a Saturday. God always gives us those moments whenever we really need them. Joe, we are so glad you are back safe, and even more glad our favorite 16 month old twins have their dad home.