Thursday, April 10, 2008

2 years

April 15 will be our two year anniversary. 3 1/2 years together: 2 years as Mr and Mrs. I am writing for myself today (Lizzy) although I think Dave would agree with what I have to say. Its funny that two years ago we thought that we were ready to get married. Not that we weren't, but we really had no idea what we were doing. We just knew that we loved each other, or thought we knew that we did, and said "hey lets get married." Some people date for a really long time, or know each other their whole lives, but not us. Actually, we've know each other since 2001, but we didn't spend much time together until we were dating. So in three and a half years what have I learned? Looking back on our wedding day I realize how glad I am that God got us to that point. I'm glad that we walked down the aisle and said for "better or for worse" because it has been better, and it has been worse. I thought I knew him, but what I know now is oh so much better than what I knew then. I thought I felt the deepest love but that seems like junior high stuff compared to what I feel now (and I cannot even imagine what that will feel like in 25 years). We said our vows on April 15 2006, but every day has been another I do since then. I do choose to love you even though I would really rather go do my own thing and not be bothered. I do choose to invite you to be a part of all of the parts of my life, not just the pretty sparkly ones that make me feel good. I do choose to keep telling you my truth even when it hurts, annoys me, is embarrassing, I've said it 20 times already, or you just plain are not listening. I figured out that marriage reminds me of a mirror. Only its one of those magnifying mirrors that shows you all the stuff you would really rather only look at from a distance with candlelight. That is the best part to me; that God put us together because we could only be the best versions of ourselves if we were together. Dave is my frame of reference for myself, and vice versa. That is pretty much the greatest thing ever. I love love love you babuh. More than the sky.

PS. Dave is taking me out of town for our anniversary. He planned the whole thing, and didn't even give up the secret. Big props for the hubs!

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