Wednesday, July 29, 2009


These women are some of my most favorite in the entire world. I am truly blessed to have family that I also love and want to be around for extended periods of all the time. And in two weeks (less than that) I will be with them for 8 days on the Oregon Coast. For the 24th year in a row.
We coined a term a while back. We call it sister-cousins because we are more like sisters than cousins. Haley and I have adapted that even further to say SCBF (Sister-cousin-best-friend)

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Sometimes I feel like the only thing I ever do is clean up, do laundry, and do dishes.

Seriously. I know I don't have kids and I have nothing to complain about, but SERIOUSLY!

Plus my house is an oven (Thank you Jesus for my house!) so it makes it even more annoying at times.

Just being honest.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Going slow...

It is really funny. I have so little going on right now, but I feel like I don't know how to handle all of this free time. I have the summer off!!! Yes. Thankfully I am not teaching summer school this year because with all of the budget cuts, there simply wasn't a job for me. I finished my Master's in Education on the 30th (which hasn't really sunk in yet apparently) and literally have cheer practice 3 days a week and that is it. It is really crazy. All of a sudden I am just free. I have housework, I have a dog to walk, and I have a lot of great books I need to catch up on, but otherwise I am FREE.

Time out: the meth addict that lives in my neighborhood just walked by. FYI. His name is Miggie. He is so far gone he really poses no threat, but I can always bet I will see him walk by at some point on a serious mission (sometimes at 10 pm in shorts and a tank top!) Yep, I live in LA.

Anyway, I have so many pictures to put up, so many updates, but I will just make a list for now.

1. I am done with Grad school. I never want to go back (but I probably will at some point)
2. I have no job for the summer except relaxing and cheer :)
3. Katie is living with Dave and I for the summer and it is really fun to have her.
4. I have a new niece named Ella Louis Henderson. She is TOO CUTE!
5. My sister Amy is almost half way through her second pregnancy so I will be an auntie yet again (# 7 if you count Dave's side and mine) in December.
6. I bought a fancy camera as a graduation present for myself. A Nikon D60. Once I get my computer fixed I will upload some new photos.
7. I also bought a new lounge chair for my backyard (another present to myself) on sale at Target for 48$ (down from 200$!!) Love the clearance section at my FAVORITE store.
8. Dave is off work this month everyday around 3 (sometimes earlier!) so I get to hang out with him before August when football starts (and I probably wont see him until January ish....)

Well, somewhat boring. But that is the latest news. Off to make the bed, change the laundry, drink some lemonade, and walk the pup.