Thursday, March 25, 2010

6 Seattle

We are in Seattle! 2 days of driving took about a week to recover from.
It was a little tough with a 4 week old baby and a dog, in addition to our stuff...
We rented a house after a whirwind 2 weeks of looking and settling in. We move in tomorrow. I will post lots of pictures. Here are a few of Ashby since she has been in Seattle.
Who do you think she looks like?
Shaving with daddy..
Just want to kiss and kiss and kiss her..

She is getting chubby. Lots and lots of yummy milk! 10lbs 2 ounces at her 6 week appointment. 23 inches long!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

3 weeks!!

Elisha loves "his Ashby" He sang me a song he made up the other day about him and her going camping and how much he loves her. I recorded him on my phone. He tells everyone she is his baby sister.
Bunny ears from her auntie Bunmi.
Sleeping she looks just like her daddy...
Awake I see some of me in there. Her auntie stalker...I mean Drea, got her this outfit.
Yes... she has a ballerina outfit. Yes its a little scratchy. Yes...I had to make her wear it so she would have some cute pictures of it when she is older and in a tomboy phase.
Tummy time!
With momma D for her morning snuggles while I take a shower..

These are some of my favorites...

We are moving to Seattle in 2 weeks. We are driving with my mom and dad and Dave and I in 2 days,k dropping off Kuma at a boarding school for a month in Portland with my uncle Peter's friend who has a premier kennel.
We don't have a place to live yet. But we have a hotel room for another month and a half so we are going to stay there (and its extended stay so we can cook and do different things while we are there.)

I will be coming back and forth for work. Only as long as I need to for benefits.

This crazy adventure is getting ready to take another turn.

So excited and yet sad at the thought of departure.

I am so ready to be there but not ready to leave.

Is it possible to love 2 places both so much...especially the place where my husband and I are under the same roof?