Wednesday, March 3, 2010

3 weeks!!

Elisha loves "his Ashby" He sang me a song he made up the other day about him and her going camping and how much he loves her. I recorded him on my phone. He tells everyone she is his baby sister.
Bunny ears from her auntie Bunmi.
Sleeping she looks just like her daddy...
Awake I see some of me in there. Her auntie stalker...I mean Drea, got her this outfit.
Yes... she has a ballerina outfit. Yes its a little scratchy. Yes...I had to make her wear it so she would have some cute pictures of it when she is older and in a tomboy phase.
Tummy time!
With momma D for her morning snuggles while I take a shower..

These are some of my favorites...

We are moving to Seattle in 2 weeks. We are driving with my mom and dad and Dave and I in 2 days,k dropping off Kuma at a boarding school for a month in Portland with my uncle Peter's friend who has a premier kennel.
We don't have a place to live yet. But we have a hotel room for another month and a half so we are going to stay there (and its extended stay so we can cook and do different things while we are there.)

I will be coming back and forth for work. Only as long as I need to for benefits.

This crazy adventure is getting ready to take another turn.

So excited and yet sad at the thought of departure.

I am so ready to be there but not ready to leave.

Is it possible to love 2 places both so much...especially the place where my husband and I are under the same roof?

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