Thursday, August 27, 2009

Catch Up

Its been a little while since I updated and shared our big news...
Since then I finally have some energy back and its a pretty good thing I do because I have had the busiest month...
Here are some of the highlights...

I have the BEST team this year!!!! They are a lot of fun as you can see from this spontaneous dance party...

They are talented too..back tuck basket toss mid air..

This is just some of the fun stuff we put together at camp. We went to UCSB this year which was beautiful and very productive

This is my pretty 2009-2010 team!
I literally unpacked for about 6 hours, then repacked and headed up to Cannon Beach for our annual girls trip. This year the first 4 days were stormy which I LOVED!!! Its been so so so hot in Southern California

Haystack from our front porch in the rain

The clouds made for some beautiful sunsets!

The newest addition to our family... Jonah Michael, my cousin Valerie's beautiful new boy! Next year at the beach their will be 2 little ones!

The whole family at Sleepy Monk, our favorite coffee place! Andrew is an honorary girl since he is the only male cousin so he is allowed at the girls only trip...though he doesn't usually stay the whole time. I wonder why?...

This has been what most of my summer has looked like. Me and my puppy. Or me and my sister. Especially since Dave has officially started his first season of football as a Trojan.

This was after Salute to Troy which is basically a glorified college pep rally. It was fun and nice to have dinner with my husband (he usually gets home around 12 now...)

Amy came into town for a sister weekend. Here is Katie surround by a 24 week and 15 week pregnancy sandwich! Amy is due December 12th and I am due February 12th! Sisters and new cousins... and you can see the very beginnings of my little bump.
Although I can relate to the feeling of feeling much more like a sausage than a pretty pregnant person...

So that is the update. MOM and DAD are coming for a visit next week and we are going to work on the house and start working on the babies room...and we have an ultrasound that may let us know if it is a Benjamin or an Ashby in my tummy!

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