Friday, September 11, 2009

garden pavers

Ever since I built my garden on the side of the house, I have been looking for a way to get free gravel to put around it so that it wouldn't be so muddy when I water it. Well, turns out all I needed to do was use the dirt, rocks and chunks of my old driveway and that was all I would need. It actually turned out beautifully and way prettier than if I had purchased gravel. Plus it just cost me getting a new driveway, which I did not purchase anyway (again, who are my parents? they are amazing)

This is the pathway that Drew made through the back planter. It looks so cool and winds all through the raised back retaining wall garden.

The he laid all of the broken pieces of the driveway in a pattern (which we were going to have pay 350$ to haul away no thank you!) and then filled it in with the pile of dirt in the back yard. Yes, we learned our lesson this time and put the dirt in the backyard thanks to my crazy neighbor who likes to call the city of Carson for eveything!

The new garden "pavers" go all the way around the entire garden.

The dirt is like cement, and every time I water it settles down further into the ground. What a beautiful garden! I am thankful beyond words to my amazing cousin Andrew who moved all of the stones around and shoveled dirt while I watched...the only thing about pregnancy that has been hard for me to get used to. This whole letting people help me and life things...

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