Thursday, September 10, 2009


I have decided to showcase one thing a day from our amazing week with my parents.
What started out as hiring a couple of guys in the parking lot at Home Depot to mow the lawn and do some weeding turned into painting the shed, the fence and garden gate. Then they gave my mom an offer that she couldn't refuse. They told her they do concrete work. That was all she needed to hear. She negotiated a rock bottom price for a new driveway and walkway all along the east side of the house. It took them 3 days to remove the old driveway (if you can even call it that) and formed the new one. It was amazing to watch them mix all of the concrete (6 truckloads full) by hand. If anyone needs a new driveway or patio, I know some guys....

Previously the side of the house was horrible. It was dirt and there were bugs everywhere, and sometimes Kuma would try to dig under the gate. Now I can easily roll my garbage cans off the street and back next to my house!!

Here is a view of the new driveway early this morning. The new driveway is 5 feet wider than the old one, and I don't have to step in the mud when I get out of the passenger side of the car. And no I will be able to negotiate the driveway in heels! Not that I am really wearing heels right now, but if I was....

The house looks like a house to me. Not a duplex. It makes such a huge difference to the curb appeal of the house, and also now to the amount of time it is going to take me to clean my house because I know we will be tracking in way less dirt.

Thank you mom for letting that bee get in your bonnet. I love you.

PS if you want to see what it looked like before, check out my blog from July 15, 2008. WOW

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