Saturday, October 11, 2008


Saturday morning. Kuma got shots. We got our laminate flooring. We decided, "What the heck, we might as well do the whole dang house. I mean what could that possibly cost us?" Well when Ikea has a sale on flooring and its 49cents a square foot, it only cost us 544$ to literally put wood floors through our entire has, except the bathroom. Dave was there at 7:30, first one in line, first one to check out. Therefore we can afford to split the price of a new heater before we move in and fix all the drywall. Might was well redo all the electrical and plumbing while we are at it (yep, that is right!) When this whole thing got started we just decided to do the bare essentials. Well, that turned into all the major upgrades that we needed. Lighting, floors, walls, electrical, pipes, and stained ceilings. This is what it looks like down here in Southern California on a Saturday in October:

Taping off the newly stained ceilings
We dripped a little stain but the beams look great
100% copper plumbing, inside and out
We decided to add another mini door to the living room...
Actually this is where the old heater was, and where the new one will go
Newly patched drywall...all over the house
Project snake the drain

I have visions for this backyard

The side of Dave I see most of the time...

Our home away from home

The only dog I have ever known to sleep in his water bowl..

He loves water more than any normal dog, even falls asleep during his bath!

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