Wednesday, October 22, 2008


I love projects. I love getting a whole bunch of stuff going and dreaming about how to finish it. I love pulling something together and feeling really good about it. I love my new house and it is finally coming together... but there are a few remaining details that are FRUSTRATING THE HECK OUT OF ME!!!!
I canceled cheer practice today so that I could paint our trim and baseboards. We picked it up yesterday, but I had homework and Dave had football. I spent an hour laying it all out, untangling extension chords and setting up the paint spray gun, mind you in 90 degree typical late October weather in So Cal. Start spraying. I get about three feet in and the thing just stops. So I readjust some things. Nothing. open up the manual and read all of the possible reasons and fixes, try them all. Thin out the paint. NOPE. Clean the pieces. Nothing. Change the spray head. Nada. sun is starting to set. I am getting tired and sweaty and thirsty. Decide I can be a trooper and just hand paint it all. Start to try, realize I will be checked into a mental hospital. Stop. Try to clean up all the while kicking rocks and pieces of scrap flooring. Not so much.
So I came home. I was going to get my curtains in between coats of paint. Came home instead. Was going to take a shower. Still sitting here in my paint clothes 2 hours later. Played with the dog, but I am so dang tired I hardly had any energy for that. I know I really have nothing to complain about but it was not a good time and it sent me down into the depths.
On a positive note, here are some pictures of the progress. Dave and I painted the entire house (two coats...3 bedrooms, a hallway, and the living room) from 6 pm Friday night til 5 am Saturday morning, then returned at 730 to start floors. A lot has gotten done.

New Fence!!! Our neighbors put it in

Painted hallway..

Our signature color...

beginning of the new floors...
Banana tree in the backyard
Oh my gosh...whose house is this?
and finally the big baby dog..with aunt Katie.

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