Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Formidable Foe

Kuma likes to chew, bite and chase everything. Yesterday I was working on a paper about a community health issue, and I looked up when I heard something being dragged across the floor. Kuma had my backpack that weighs the same as him, only is twice his size. He was wrestling it, biting it, and generally entertaining himself (and this thing is sturdy so he can't destroy it.) He is still too young to go outside because he needs all of his shots. He is getting a little stir crazy. So for now my backpack is as good an opponent as ever. Formidable.

The house is coming along. We had the ceilings sandblasted to expose the wood of the open beams. It needs a little TLC, but will be beautiful when we finish it again. Today and tomorrow electric and plumbing is getting done, and then we get to start putting our little casa back together again. I am a sale-shopping-aholic. Will post more pictures soon of the progress. In the mean time here is my little stinky dog. He actually does not stink. I vow never to be a stinky dog owner. He gets a bath once a week right now!

Bunmi is doing great by the way. They even let her go home after the surgery. She is on strict bed rest, but her body is doing its job and helping baby Judah grow. Thank you for your prayers and please continue to pray for that little boy to stay put.

Look how tough I am mom...

Attack dog on the loose

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