Wednesday, October 8, 2008


IT feels like we are getting somewhere. We are finally putting everything together again. New drywall. New ceilings. New ceiling fans. New kitchen lights. We might even get to paint this weekend. I will put new pictures up tomorrow of the newly stained beams in the daylight. Its still dusty and covered in sawdust, and we have a little bit of stain cleanup to do after the sprayer went on the fritz. For your viewing pleasure...

New recessed lighting...

Kevin in a cloud of sawdust..

My new look

Deck sprayer staining the ceiling beams
Just stained beams..still wet
Covered in stain and sawdust..but its done!!
The ceilings turned out to be a way harder job than we had imagined, but it is going to be so worth it when it is finished. The beams look antiqued and weathered, but nice. Can't wait for all of you to come see!

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