Sunday, October 5, 2008

All in a day's work...

Well it is football season again. Week five to be exact and the El Camino Warriors are 5-0 after trailing by 21 points in the third quarter and coming back to win in overtime. I will say that Saturdays are my favorite day, but also incredibly tiring. Here is a Saturday in the life of Dave and Lizzy in pictures.
I'm ready to play...waking up at 6:30 with Kuma
Show dog in training, running in the front yard 7:30 am
Head to the house to sand survey the sandblasting 8am
Supplies in the living room 9am
Sanding the beams and spending two hours vacuuming sand and paint 10 am
Why did we want to do this again? 12 pm
This day just started, we're dirty, and its time to head to the game 12pm
Football game in Riverside 7pm...(these are my cheerleaders!)
Celebrating a come-from-behind victory 9:30pm
Looking cleaner and still tired 10 pm
Playing some more so I can go back to sleep 12 am
Have to say I wouldn't have it any other way... until Sunday morning rolls around.
I love this crazy crazy exhausting life. Even though I don't remember the last time I slept more than 5 hours in a row.

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