Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Montezuma's Revenge...on vacation

Really really looking forward to a trip to the beach house since January when I got invited. My dear dear friend Lisa and her mom invited all the girls from my family out for the weekend. We planned meals, bought wine, had magazines and movies and workout gear, and rain gear for beachcombing. Yup. It was going to be awesome.

And then we all got the flu.

Friday night when we arrived, first it was Ashby. Then me.
Saturday 2 more bit the dust.
Sunday night, after 2 went home from sheer exhaustion and sickness, poor Lisa our hostess, got sick also and went down.

We didn't leave the house. We only cooked one major meal. We didn't drink the wine or the coffee. It was awful.

But we are closer than ever as a result of taking care of each other. It was a blessing in a way. Whoever was sick had a mom and friend and daughter to hold back her hair while she...ahem... you know.

It wasn't what we expected and we definately need a do-over. But I love my girls and am thankful that at least we could all be sick together.

Beautiful trainride down to Portland...it all started so peaceful! 
Ashby and her "ceetee" (her name for auntie Kate)
Happy tired train rider. 
 The one, and only, picture of me from the weekend with my lovely Auntie Grandma (Ashby's name for my auntie mommy Molly)
 Taking Ashby to Oceanside while I slept through the post vomit fog.
Jenna, Lisa's super cute and hip younger sister 
 Ashby has named Lisa auntie LALA, which is dear to me since my nephews in Cali call me the same thing.

Locked in. She was giving us kisses through the door.
 bubbles..our newest obsession.

Again, I am not in any of these pictures, and these were taken Saturday evening before anyone else got sick. After that there was a whole lot of whispering, back rubs, and movies.

Here is to our next annual, no barfing weekend!

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