Wednesday, March 23, 2011

interesting discovery today

I am tired and Ashby decided to go to bed at 6 today. So sleep training is going. She still needs to nurse to fall asleep and is going for 2-3 hour stretches at night but things are slowly improving.

Anyway, made a rather interesting discovery about myself today.

My sister invited me to a (free) yoga class today. I love yoga. I LOVE yoga. Its hard, challenging, and yet very very relaxing so that is the perfect combination for me.

But what was strange is that when she invited me, I got angry. Not at her. But more I felt pressure to go, and then angry at that feeling.

It was viceral.

I love working out. Or do I? Once I am actually working out I love it usually, but I really mentally struggle to get myself to do it.

So anyway, trying to figure that one out. Its totally a pattern too. It was just really bad today.

And now Ashby is awake, duty calls.

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