Saturday, December 6, 2008


I got a sneaky surprise yesterday in the morning.
At first it was a little weird because I looked outside at 6:30 am and there were some men walking around my backyard. Dave jumped out of bed and asked me where his check book was.
I groggily got out of bed and followed him to the cement truck parked in front of my house.

When we first bought our house it had a huge patio in the backyard that was full of cracks. This is a picture from the first week after we won it in the auction. You can see the weeds growing out of the cracks. It turned out to be this huge problem because the assessors thought that we had a bad slab because of the cracks.
Se we had to tear out the front and the back patio. Then they poured this little rinky dinky "patio" that was the size of a welcome mat. Except the only problem was that we have a lot of dirt in the back yard right now and a puppy that likes to be outside. Lots of swiffer pads later...and hopefully new grass in the backyard soon (yes, you can plant grass in Southern California in December...its weird) Dave was secretly planning so we can bring our patio table over and actually have someplace to put it.
The new 15x20 patio, freshly poured.
Much better for tables and muddy paws! And it will get rid of lots of the mud because the roof is angled so the runoff falls right by the back door and the water heater. Much much better this way.

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