Monday, December 15, 2008

4th quarter

Saturday night I reported that Isaac was doing better.

We went home and tried to get some much needed sleep.

3 am the phone rings and my heart drops.

Ritha on the phone "Get here as fast as you can, Papa is bleeding out."

Dave telling me that his dad was tired and he had lived a good life.

The world spinning around me and my heart stubbornly saying "no no no this is not right"

Getting to the hospital and finding out that not only is the doctor that performed his surgery on call in the hospital that evening, the best anesthesiologist, and our incredible nurse who has been an angel this entire time.

We started praying and singing hymns outside the ICU.

Isaac is wheeled out as we sing "Our God is an Awesome God."

The surgeon is looking at us like we are crazy.

2 hours later they are closing Isaac up and we are rejoicing. He is still stable even though he has lost a lot of blood. It is still a grave situation and they again do not expect them to make it.

Today: They have never seen someone recover from what he has been through. We are truly blessed.

Praise Report:
1. Papa made it through day 1 after 2nd surgery
2. His kidney's have started working quicker than expected.
3. His blood pressure is staying normal with less medicines.
4. Heart rate lower and body temperature is normal without heating blanket.
5. When the nurse tilted him to the side some fluids were released that were building up.
6. His blood count is stable/ bleeding stopped.
7. Papa is responding to stimulation although heavily sedated.
8. Papa wanted to get his appendectomy incision hernia repaired next summer. During his surgery, his doctor saw the need to repair most of that hernia. Unexpected bonus!

Prayer Request:
1. That papa continues to fight and improve.
2. Kidneys keep getting stronger.
3. Blood pressure to be normal without medication.
4. Heart rate and temperature to be stable.
5. Blood clotting to return to normal.
6. Pray for continued normal responses.
7. Pray for his nurses and doctors as they care for him.

Thank you all SO MUCH for all of your prayers!

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