Saturday, December 13, 2008


Things today for the first time feel hopeful.

So here is the very very short version.

Last week, the first week of Dec on Wednesday Isaac started throwing up. He thought t was food poisoning. It kept getting worse and by Sunday he was still throwing up. He is diabetic, so no food for three days is very dangerous especially because recent tests were showing decreased kidney function. He was taken to the ER where they discovered his kidney numbers were worse and he had an infection in his colon. CT scans determined he had diverticulitis and possibly colitis. Over the next three days in the hospital his condition worsened, his breathing became more labored, his heart rate went up and his blood pressure was dropping. Then he started to get confused and they realized that he was getting worse and worse. Wednesday night they moved him to the step down ICU, where they could more closely monitor him. At this point he was less and less coherent and his vitals kept getting worse. By Thursday night, his breathing was so poor that they intibated him and sedated him. They thought that by doing dialysis to clean his blood that might help the infection get better. This proved useless. By Thursday night he was in septic shock and it was obvious that Isaac was getting worse not better.

By Friday morning they decided that the only option was to go in and do emergency surgery on his colon. They had to go in blind because they could not move him to do a CT scan. His blood pressure kept dropping and they had spent the night trying to stabilize him enough for surgery. They were unable to but they told the Family that if they didn't do the surgery he would probably not survive the day and his best (although extremely small) chance was to do the surgery now. Thank you to everyone who has been praying, because I truly believe that the Lord heard your cries and pleas and sent his angels. We said our goodbyes (I will admit I was mad at Isaac and told him so since he was possibly going to miss the chance to see his grand kids) and then they whisked him to surgery. We spent the next four hours praying and singing and waiting. It is amazing but once he went in and we didn't hear anything, a incredible peace came over the entire hospital and the family. Miraculously Isaac's blood pressure went up for the entire surgery and they were able to get most (time will tell if at all) of the dying colon. When he came out of surgery Ritha was smiling when she made the announcement and we knew that God had answered.

The rest of the day people came in and out, and we were not without food or company. The doctors came and told us about 6 that Isaac was not improving and they were going to have to take the rest of his colon. His BP was still low and his heart rate was between 175-180 beats per minute. They waited 4 more hours and we sent people home. Finally, one of the doctors came in and said that they were going to shock his heart to try to get it to slow down. There was a small chance that he would flat line, and a greater chance nothing would change, but the biggest worry was that he would have a heart attack. Ritha said, if it will help lets try anything. Another miracle. After the first shock Isaac's heart went down to 117, lower than what it was prior to surgery. They also changed his dressing (they left the wound open so that they could go in to take more if they needed to) and discovered that (miracle # I don't know, at this point I have lost count) his colon tissue was improving. In the middle of the night Isaac woke up and it was very obvious that he was feeling pain. Since then he continues to get better. His heart rate is below 100 and his blood pressure is above 100/55. They are beginning to wean him off of the drugs and machines that are keeping him alive.He even filled his colostomy bag (sorry gross I know) which means his bowls are moving. He is not out of the woods, but the doctors told us they expect him to pull through and yesterday were just waiting for him to die.

Here is what I know is true. Jesus hears us. He has control and he answers prayers. Isaac is not done here. God is in the miracle business and I thank every one of you for lifting up Isaac and trusting that if we FIGHT the devil God will prevail.

I will keep you updated from here. Right now pray for more healing and more sleep.

We love you all and can't wait until we can tell you that Isaac is talking, eating, and coming home

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