Friday, November 28, 2008


For those of you that don't know, my dad has had quite a year. He was diagnosed with prostate cancer about a year and a half ago. The doctors decided to watch it and decide after the first of the year (2008) to have surgery. In the meantime, his colon decided to flair up from his diverticulitis. Apparently he had a low grade infection for a long time (probably around 2 years) and they decided before they would get rid of his cancer they needed to take care of that. When they went in mid year, they ended up taking out 12 inches of rotten colon. So that took a long recovery. Finally, the day before thanksgiving, dad got his prostate removed and is now cancer free (pending final lab results). Thank you God for watching over my dad through all of this. Now we move on to enjoying life, pain free and worry free!
Dad with of the only days you will ever see Bob in sweats, right before being admitted to the hospital
Dad with Noni and Tim post surgery...again one of the only times you will hear of Bob asking for any help or letting people do things for him.

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