Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Drum Roll Please....

I think it is fitting that election day (and the fact that I woke up early this morning to rain and I love the rain so I have time to sit on my computer) I reveal the before and after pictures from my house. It also wanted to put them up today since we started moving furniture in and I am not going to post those right away. (Sorry, my mom and dad are coming to visit and I want them to see it in person first...but as soon as they are here I will post!
I cannot believe this is the same house!

Living room before..
living room after...a little different angle

Bathroom before...
after (an ongoing project!)

Dark office before...very gross with staples all over the wall and holes and broken drywall
same office now...where I am actually going to want to pay bills.

Master bedroom before...notice the drop ceiling and nasty carpet

master bedroom now in our signature color

Guest room before...

Where grandma and grandpa will stay (no I am not pregnant! lately i have just been calling them that)
Kitchen before...
and after... I know the size didnt change but it feels so much bigger.
Which probably has everything to do with paint and the new organizers I got for the pantry...
Here is my only sneak preview.
Those drawers roll and have 2ft by 2ft butcher block tops
my new spice rack...
So now we have 7 days until Bob and Margie are here to visit! Aye Carumba!

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