Thursday, November 6, 2008


I never realized that I am a details person. Those of you who know me and are thinking "were you deluded all of this time?" I know. It is strange because I like things done a certain way and I like all of the boxes to line up and the squares to be checked. Maybe its because I am always doing like 47 things at a time that I dont realize how important details are to me. Maybe thats why I get so stressed out, because even though I do all of those things, I want them all to be perfect and in their place. So for this reason I have spent the last few days working on incredibly menial, important and tedious details.

Case in point:

Last night I spent two hours removing a two by four in my closet so I could hang my organizers. I proceeded to rip countless holes in the drywall and cuss in front of my mother-in-law multiple times (she laughed the way only Ritha does, a little hmphhh sound without opening her mouth). Because, even though my clothes are going to be there and it wont ever be seen, I will know that an ugly, stubborn 2x4 is hiding there, lurking in with my sweaters and jeans. I did however, cover the holes with duck tape and Spackle patch over that. It was not pretty..and the holes were about 4 inches wide, but hey...paint will cover that.

And its contagious. My husband spent 3 hours, yes 3, scraping grout off the shower.. a fine layer of grout that remained after he re-grouted the entire shower. It seriously looks brand new, like we installed it when we put in the other tile. He used a box opener... and I thought I was going to go crazy. Scraped every single square of 3x3 tile. wow.

We still need a toilet. And our bed (coming tomorrow!) And a fridge, and to hook up the stove and the washer and dryer. And open and unpack all of our stuff..but it is starting to look and feel like home.

Last night was fun despite the sheer manic way I described it. Katie came and helped (affectionately deemed kater tots by Dave) I will just say that delirium settled in about 11:45 as we hung curtains in the living room. Another chore you have no idea is so incredibly difficult and tedious until you do an entire house... I think when I begin to reference the no sew ironing hemming tape as Spanish juice (we fell out laughing...I have no idea where that came from) we knew it was all going to be okay. Dave fell asleep on the couch with a bottle of Jaritos in his hand.. gloves still on. I should have taken a picture.

D-day is 6 days away (mom and dad coming!) STOP WITH THE DETAILS!!

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