Sunday, August 1, 2010

Time to reflect

Every year since I was 2, my mom, my sister, my grandma, my other mother and sisters, my aunts and my cousins have gone to a place called Cannon Beach for 1-2 weeks for a girls only (except only boy cousin who only can stay and handle the"estrogen fest" for a few days God bless him) week away from the world. We end up in the sleepy little south end of town at a place called windwhistle. And every year God does something amazing.

I cannot wait for this week to be close to the one place God always speaks to me: the ocean.

And to spend time with my mom, auntie mommy, sister-cousin-best friends.

Here is a shot of the beach I took last year from our side of town. And the quote is the words that God keeps whispering in my ear over and over...

Be back in a week.

PS. I watched Avatar last night again. Why does that movie make me cry???

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