Sunday, August 15, 2010

Avocados and a win!

Ashby tried her first solids. She likes Avocados. I think more she likes the idea of being able to use a spoon and put stuff in her mouth like mom and dad. Here are some pictures of the first trial run.
Trying to figure out what it was we gave her...and surprised that we actually gave her something.
Little trial taste test
We quickly realized this was not a good idea because she was going for it.
She wanted to feed herself.
First big bite
Not really sure...
My turn!!!
Maybe I'll try the bowl..
I think she likes it!!!
It was Daddy's first Seahawks games this weekend. And it was 95 degrees outside. It ended up being the perfect football day. We even got some time with Dave mid-day before the game and we went to the Issaquah farmers market. It was great.
View of the Port of Seattle from the top of the stadium.
Ashby, Auntie Clare and I sweating our little tootsies off
My parent's neighbors, Dave and Tina came too.
Watching the game after she slept through the first 2 quarters... can you say football baby??!!
Proud of daddy after the big win..and really ready for bed.

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