Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Word is out...

The day before our wedding..

Well, I have been thinking about this blog for almost a months and a half now. In my mind it was way more glorious and exciting and I was shouting from the rooftops and yeah..something big. I know what your thinking and the answer is no..I am not pregnant. Not yet..still got that masters to finish on Thursday! (which I am sure I will also blog about because I am so excited for that to be finished..)

Dave and I have been dreaming and scheming since before we got married. Actually Dave was dreaming and scheming before we ever started dating about his future as a football coach. He quit a lucrative job in commercial real estate (his replacement made 100, 000 dollars the first year...) to coach the JV football team at Carson high school... I was in Bolivia at the time, pining away for the love of my life having no idea that he even was interested in me. Later I would find out he had already told his family that we were going to get married when I came back...this man knows what he wants!

2 years later he had the opportunity to apply for the head varsity coach, become a coordinator at Carson, or take an assistant job at El Camino College. El Camino has been national champions or division champions almost every year since the tenure of head coach John Featherstone began. It was a difficult decision but he/we decided that he really wanted to pursue coaching as far as it would take him. Rewind 3 years previous to college when he felt God directing him to work with young men and teach them character and show them God's unending love and protection. Every year since he joined the staff at El Camino (2.5 years..) he has gone to the National Coaches Conference to try to make connections with Division One programs. We decided that he would work as hard as he can to get into the NCAA level for 5 years after which we would reevaluate if that was still his direction. Every year his connections grow, serving as a coach for various camps at schools like USC, Miami, Reno, Memphis, and UCLA. God's favor has been on him and each year more opportunity and possible jobs have been presented with his name on it...only to have the positions filled with someone else or no movement to happen and therefore no job for him.

This year we decided to buy a house. We knew (and his parents knew) that we may not get another opportunity to buy with prices as low as they are (GO BARACK! We want to make a killing, lets get this economy going!) so we went for it. Almost immediately after we bought the house it looked like we might be getting a job in San Diego. After 2 months of remodeling and living out of my car/in the back bedroom of his parents, the last thing I wanted to do was move away and rent out our house. But this is the life we both signed up for...so I was willing. Then Sarkisian got the head job at UW and Dave had a few calls in to him..and the wheels really started turning and I was getting ready to move into another spare bedroom only at my parents house in Mukilteo.

December 10th: Dave sends me a text message "Holy _______" (I know..its a horrible problem..he's working on it..) I ask him what..I am freaking out because I think that this means that Sark called him back.. We were both subbing that day at Narbonne so I went to his classroom at nutrition to see what. He told me his quarterback had gotten offered by New Mexico State..and I believed him even though he was lying.


So this week we can finally talk about it.. Dave is going to be the Strength and Conditioning Assistant this year. And we are off on this journey that began 5 years ago on a dusty little field that's 3 city blocks from our new house...

I can't wait to tell you more!

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