Thursday, February 12, 2009

Dog Poo

Well it never fails...
I am really good at letting the dumbest things (and hey even some really important things) get the best of me. I mean really. Like I get depressed and then I find myself turning everything off and shutting down. For what??? For something I usually can't control or if I can I really shouldn't anyway. I stay in bed a little bit longer, eat a little bit worse, and spend money I shouldn't as a justification.
Then usually Jesus hits me between the eyes as only Jesus can (in a very loving, sweet, knock you on your ass type of way that really wakes you up). Like reminding me that I don't have it all together and that I am missing the mark on a lot of things. So maybe I should just focus on those things and asking for grace for me, instead of everyone else that pisses me off.
And then sometimes he just gives me a good dose of humility.
For Example:
Woke up this morning to Dave telling me that Kuma had gotten sick in the middle of the night and had diarrhea all over the floor, his bed, his cage, the wall and himself. He got into my gardening stuff yesterday and must have eaten something that didn't agree with his system. So before school I was wiping up poop, scrubbing poop, spraying off poop, bleaching floors, walls, towels and then giving the poor boy a bath. And while I am sitting in the tub he just looks up at me and puts his head on my shoulder and sighs. Like "sorry mom, I tried to wake you up but you kept sleeping." And then while I cleaned up after him, he threw the ball to himself and sniffed to see what I was doing.
OK OK, I get it. We are all into crap up to our we might as well clean up and stop crying about the stench.
Its pointless and disgusting.

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