Sunday, February 22, 2009


This was mu backyard when we first moved in.

It looks like it is going uphill because it is. We wanted to level it right away but flooring and electrical and new plumbing took priority. Until it started raining and we had floods below our bedroom window a few times. Priority shifted back to the yard.

Last weekend we started by cutting down the bamboo. Kuma was helpful.

Then Friday morning this little beauty arrived!

Dave got right to work. Yep, still uphill.

Coba came over to help on Saturday morning when Dave went to go on a recruiting weekend at SC.

Pretty soon we had visitors.

Elisha brought his tractor..

And scooped dirt off of my patio.

Then he got a chance to help uncle Coba. He literally rode along for almost and hour.

The dirt mound in the front yard grew and attracted the neighborhood. I finally had to establish dirt pile rules (1. no kicking dirt or sliding down the driveway side of the pile 2. no cussing)

Then more friends came to help.

King of the hill and gatorades for my bamboo helpers!
Tomorrow Dave has a day off so he is going to put in drainage and next weekend we are going to plant grass! I am so very very excited!

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