Monday, September 8, 2008


This past weekend was our last wedding of the summer. Mike and Tia got married on Friday night in Orange County. Mr. & Mrs. Brumbelow are in Cabo on their honeymoon. I can honestly say that, while a vacation always sounds really great, I am just glad to be back in a routine again. Dave is back at Narbonne High School teaching, football season is in full swing (we beat LA Southwest Saturday 27-0) and cheer is actually getting to show something for all of their hard work. I think this was the craziest summer we have ever had. In review:

* 4 weddings (Adelo & Jessica, Steve & Giovanna, Anthony & Kristen, Mike & Tia)

* 3 babies born (nephew Zacarias, Anthony and Luca... plus Jill hurry up already!)

* FCA camp

* 2 cheerleading camps

* 9 football camps

* summer school

* 2 bachelor/bahelorette weekends (palm springs both weekends with the girls, deep sea fishing and a weekend in rosarito for the boys)

* the BEACH (cannon beach family tradition..23 years strong)

* Buying a house (hopefully closing escrow today :)

* Getting our puppy Kuma who us currently biting my pant leg under the table

* moving out of our little love shack where we first lived when we got married 2 1/2 years ago

* moving in with Dave's parents while we wait for our house and do some repairs.

Shear insanity. I haven't gone back to work yet purely because I don't feel ready. Dave worked at the church all summer so he felt a little more refreshed. I loved every minute of it and am so happy to have been a part of every moment, especially other people's joys and celebrations.

So pretty soon I will be working on my house...

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