Wednesday, September 17, 2008


We finally closed escrow and got our keys! We left school and had lunch at our new house. Thank you Jesus that we could buy a house in this crazy time...If I had a dollar for every time the loan people came back to us with something we needed to prove (like why we deposited 50$ in June into Dave's bank account... I have no idea why they needed to know that..I sure don't care!) We had to get letters from employers, letters from credit cards, letters from landlords, letters from banks, letters from our future children saying they wont have expensive toys (okay not really that one but pretty much). We went through 7 different lenders and 2.5 months. We had to fix the front and back patio, the slab, level around the house and patch the stucco just to get the dang loan. I had a few melt downs, one in which I was screaming crying on the phone with my mom and dad (you can ask them, poor dad sorry!) We fought, I cried, we planned, we talked, we didn't talk, we moved out of our apartment and into the back room of Dave's parents house, we got a dog, and we finally finally finally got our house. I didnt have the energy to keep all the updates on the blog, mostly because it changed everyday and it changed and we were given the green light so many times only to have it taken away.

But God is faithful. Especially in a time that makes no sense (AIG, Fannie and Freddie Mac anyone?)

So now its time to celebrate and get to work!!!

First lunch on the stinky carpet!
153 is the place to be
Kuma got a bath today too... he loves baths!
He drinks the water off of the bottom of the tub. Wierdo.

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