Thursday, August 28, 2008

We are out...

We are all moved out! Literally we put our plants in the back of the truck, made some touch ups in our paint job, and I mopped my way right out the back door. Dave and I have to go back tomorrow for our tools in the laundry room and take the food out of the fridge (which is not very full from a summer of traveling!) Here are some funny pictures of the boys last Sunday picking up the furniture and loading it into the trailer.

Speaking of the trailer they almost died on the freeway driving up to Pedro. The trailer came off the hitch going 55 on the freeway. Thankfully the safety chains held, and Dave was paying attention. In the process of slowing down and stopping the trailer it crashed into Dave's bumper three times, puncturing 2 big holes underneath it. So they were the annoying people that made the cop car swoop back and forth and stop traffic. I am just glad they were safe (and we didnt lose any furniture!)

Thank you San Pedro.

Thanks for Sandwhich Saloon and job for the last two years.

Thank you for our own place

Thank you for cool evening breezes and a little baby garden.

Our little love shack.

We will miss you

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