Thursday, July 31, 2008

Winding down

We had another wedding last weekend, then college cheerleading camp, an earthquake, and now I am feeling really great because its all over!!! I have one more wedding this summer, but its for one of my best friends and I get to enjoy it. The weddings haven't been bad but not having one single weekend free since May has been a little rough. Seriously, I got my stitches out of my mouth this afternoon and I actually enjoyed it. I enjoyed going in the car with my husband on the way, sushi for lunch (I am still a vegan.. but once in a while I will have a little fish. Still no dairy or anything else in 7 months! call me a cheater but I love ahi tuna!)and watering my father-in-law's tomato plants. It was awesome. Here are some pretty pictures from our adventures.

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