Friday, July 25, 2008


I love stitches. I love mouth surgery. I do. I love having braces again at 25. It is awesome. Makes me feel really pretty and grown up. But, i had to get them again. I am one of those people that likes to do things on schedule, check things off my list, and make progress.

There were a few things that I wanted to check off my list before I get pregnant and Dave and I start a family. I feel good because I am slowly checking them off.
1. Go to grad school and graduate (three more months, then student teaching!)I will have my MAED in February or March.
2. Buy a house (loan paperwork is cleared, we have our financing, just waiting on escrow!)
3. Have my last mouth surgery and get my braces off (my teeth shifted since high school and I had to have one last tooth implant... this story could take 4 days to tell, but basically I am missing 7 permanent teeth thanks to my mother's genes and I have to have them surgically placed in my jaw...awesome).

So Monday morning they drilled a big hole in my jaw and put in a hollow screw implant. I can check that one off. But my tongue touches the stitches on the roof of my mouth every time I talk. It really hurts at night because apparently I talk a lot. One day closer to checking these things off.

Here is to having my ducks in a row... I think they are more of a gaggle.

My life is a gaggle of gooses (geese, but gooses sounds better).

Dave is doing good too. Just so you know.

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