Sunday, November 14, 2010

Weekend Adventure

I think she tuckered him out a little bit.
And my baby's new 2 front teeth!
In other news...Lisa and I were super vigilant about not getting spiders in the back of my car, so we put each piece of wood into a sealable bin, 1 piece at a time. We even inspected for spiders as we picked the wood (which made the process take incredibly too long!) Well, we must not have been that great because on my drive home, going 70 miles an hour downhill on the freeway, I noticed a ROGUE spider crawling towards me on the dashboard. I had a momentary heart attack, tried to decide if I could kill it and not kill the three of us in the car. I immediately pulled onto the side of the freeway, managed to pull myself together in time to watch the spider JUMP on to the door! It took everything in me to kill that sucker (sorry but I don't consider spiders to be animals but Satan's minions.)

I was a little jumpy the rest of the way home.

And I vacuumed the entire car wearing gloves.

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