Monday, May 10, 2010

California Visit

Ashby and I have become offical travelers. While she had already traveled 4 weeks after her birth by car to move up here, we went to LA last week to be there for the birth of her cousin Lydia, Bebe and Kevin's daughter. We flew to LA without a hitch, thanks to her new Ergo carrier (mom's if you dont have one, get one!!!) Ashby did great! Was awake for most of the flight and did not cry. Here are a few of the over 700 pictures I took on our trip.
Ashby with her auntie Bebe the night before Lydia was born!
Lydia Yvette Nickerson, 8 pounds, 7 ounces born at home in the tub with no pain medication! Bebe is a champ. Her brother Zacarias loves her so already!
We were there to witness Elisha's first T-ball game. He looked so cute and is the fastest 3 year old I have ever seen. Even if he did cry for about 50% of the game :)
Church on Sunday Ashby was all dressed up in her finest with her auntie Stalker and her uncle Boba
Reading with Mama Pipa. She got to spend lots of good time with her granddaughter.
We got to do our cheerleading end of the year banquet this year at BJ's while I was home. Here is one last goofy team picture and you can see that even Ashby got in on the action. The girls were so loud and she just chilled out the whole time.   Must be because she heard them in my tummy the entire time she was growing!
We also took all the opportunities we could to sit poolside.
Here are all the cousins at Ashby's bbq. We definitely win the multicultural family award.
Cousins, just 11 weeks apart! Hmmmm...uncle Coba I think its your turn!
Ashby got to see almost all of her aunties and uncles. Here she is with her auntie Kate. If you want to see more pictures that Katie took, please check out here blog. She is an aspiring artist and has done some great work.
Her auntie Nea
Auntie Kristen who is going to have Isabella Pearl at the end of this month!
Auntie Tia
Auntie Andrea
Uncle Drew!
Auntie Carlie took  her for her first swin in the big pool!
Papa had lots of snuggle time too.
Auntie Bebe sang lots and lots of songs to Ashby
Her big sister Jessica from ECC cheer took care of her too as her first official babysitter :)
And her Etolie who took care of her the entire time she was growing in my belly.
Her godfather Lou got a kick out of all of her faces and her big flower.
And finally her God Grandmother Veronica.

WOW! What a trip!

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