Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Dave is off this week for spring break...lets just say that we have gotten a lot done..
well he has. I have been working

This was our house about a week after we got it in the auction
This is the house now that we have leveled the front and back, added mulch and grass seed (hopefully we will have beautiful grass pictures in about a month)

This is the backyard as we found it.
In the far right corner (out of view) was a bunch of bamboo

Here it is level, retaining wall, mulch, grass seed, and new patio

Now we can relax and wait for the grass to grow.
Some other things that have been going on the last few weeks..

My nephew Judah, born 9 weeks premature, is healthy and thriving!

Kuma made a new friend..Bodie (Mike and Tia's new puppy, house to follow soon!)
Kuma is a huge dog, Bodie is 8 weeks old. And weighs more than Kuma did when we brought him home. THAT IS CRAZY!

Kuma a few weeks ago, the bear stalking the house...
Kuma when he was a baby, also stalking me and the camera.
We are off for the weekend on vaca to San Diego. Well, staying with friends at their house and heading to the beach but it will be very relaxing! That's the news from down here

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