Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Wednesday Morning

So this is what we do on a wednesday morning during spring break. We make a pot of coffee (Dave just made up a little song about how he loves coffee and is going to drink it every day until the day he dies) and we lounge around. A lot disheveled. The house is messy, but you tell me what 400 square foot box isnt with a couple of pack rats living in it. We are going to make some breakfast and start a credit file as we begin the hunt for our very own....drum role please.... house! Something slightly larger where we dont have to have a living room/office/dining room (do those little tv trays count as a dining room table?) and bedroom that are all connected and slant into each other. I am literally looking up into my bedroom at my unmade bed.

Dave is going to Reno today.

I am going to have four days to clean my teeny tiny house and just relax.

Its a nice break from the 7am-8pm routine of our normal life. This is why we became teachers. SPRING BREAK!

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