Thursday, March 27, 2008

Vegan...or semi-vegan

Something that you never thought would come out of my mouth. I've decided to give up meat and dairy. They say you should not say "give up" because then you feel like you are sacrificing. But what the h. It is a sacrifice. I am a protein fiend, always have been. I love eggs, I LOVE CHEESE, I love fillet mignon, I love ribs. I LOVE ALL OF IT. So why the heck am I giving it up (because it is a sacrifice, no matter what they want you to call it!) Well, unfortunately I have been doing a lot of reading and researching about the truth behind what we call nutrition in America, and it boils down to the fact that we eat a whole lot of junk that we think is nutritious. We eat way more protein then any other nation in the world. And 99% of our animal protein is treated with growth hormones (bigger = more $$ for meat producers), antibiotics, and all kinds of other craziness (including arsenic or rat poisoning). That kinda grosses me out. Plus only 7% of the average Americans diet is derived from plant sources or fruits and vegetables. And now that I have been eating this way for about 3 weeks I have literally never felt better in my life. My mind feels clear, my stomach feels flat, my skin looks clearer, and my conscience feels great. Another thing that I love are animals. After reading about the conditions in the factory farms and at the slaughter houses (don't worry, I wont give the details. Those you have to read for yourself) I cant even think of meat without thinking of those images and wanting to kiss and hug every cow, pig and chicken I see. Sorry, I know this is a bit extreme. But it is working for me and I truly believe that the Kingdom of Heaven belongs not only to people, but all of God's creation. It says in the bible that All of creation groans to be freed from enslavement...and we are not all that God created. So its tofutti cream cheese and lentil soup for me. Okay, I will still eat the other from time to time, but I really do feel passionate about this change and I am really excited.
P.S. the above statements do not reflect the views of my husband, but he is very supportive and I love him to the moon.

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