Thursday, November 19, 2009

Oh Baby!

I wish I could push a button and slow things down...


Tomorrow I will be 28 weeks pregnant and into my third trimester! THIRD!!! Holy Ashby Noel Canales!

The weeks are flying by. Its Thursday already !!! Wasn't it just Sunday lazy afternoon?

A few wonderful things that have happened since I blogged last...

1. I went to the USCvsSTANFORD game last Saturday... it was a blood bath but I had a blast with one of my dear friends Stephanie Villa Davis (another soon to be coaches wife..they are already married but God is walking them down the coaching path too!) We had field passes and they have surprisingly yummy healthy food for a vegetarian/vegan like us!

2. My girlfriends had a mommy shower for me on Sunday! It was so much fun and really made me realize that she is going to be here so so soon! They had lots of yummy food and we hung out all afternoon laughing and talking and giving me mommy presents... I have pedicures and massages and lotions and other pampering items for the rest of the pregnancy! I don't have any pictures with me today, but I will put some in later. Here is a link to my friend Nea's blog who was one of the wonderful hostesses!

3. I got Ashby's crib yesterday! This wonderful friend of a friend was gracious enough to give me her beautiful crib she had used with her sons. Its Italian oak and just needs a new coat of paint, but it is in her room and ready for us to get ready for her! Kate and I drove around forever in Beverly Hills to find this lady, but it was an adventure full of broken English and lots of Armenian. I will post pictures soon, but her room is currently home to my cousin Andrew while he and Kate scope out their next living arrangement!

And tomorrow we have our maternity photo shoot! I am so excited and grateful to have been connected with Alicia and her amazing photo shooting skills! And the help of my dear friends Carlie and Nea to help me get ready. I will post as soon as I have them! Here is her link...

So that is the news. Again, I have photos of all of these things, but not quite ready to post them.

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