Tuesday, October 27, 2009

OSU football weekend!

This weekend my other roommate (my cousin Andrew) dad came to visit. It was great to spend time with my uncle Steve. We went to the USC game (YEAH!! I finally got to go!!)

Here we are outside the stadium. We wanted to get the coliseum in the shot, but it was a little difficult with 90,000 people all around us...My uncle is a BEAVER, but wore this shirt to support Dave. Even if he cheered for OSU the whole time :)

Again, haven't figured out camera angles. I look huge, but I think it is the shirt and the angle. I do not really look this pregnant I don't think...

My hubby pregame hard at work.

Sisters down on the field. We got to use the field passes to watch warm-ups on the field.

Dave is one of those guys during the game. Not sure which but he is charting the plays from the box.

One last action shot....

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