Sunday, May 17, 2009

Babies and Weddings

2 weddings, 1 new baby, 1 very pregnant friend later the weekend is over.
It was very full. One of those weekends where you need a weekend to recover from the weekend.
Here are some highlights.

A very skinny and recovering Isaac and two of his sons.

New landscaping on the side of the driveway
As promised grass pictures! Thanks to my cousing Drew.

Backyard grass is a little more patchy but the back planter has flowers.
Phil and baby Thrash! Emry Kaidi Thrash in town from Maui
The first newlyweds. Mr & Mrs. Joe Hernandez

And the second couple (both weddings at the same time. I literally was the girl from 27 dresses minus the bridesmaid part). Mr. & Mrs. Sean Davis!
Makes me want to get married all over again, minus the get married planning etc.

Breaking in the backyard with the first barbeque. Its starting to feel like a really good summer is on its way.

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